Kingdom Business Pioneers groups

“In the multitude of counsellors, there is safety” (Proverbs 11:14)

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17)

In May 2020, I set up the first Kingdom Business Pioneers Group. The purpose of the group was to equip business leaders and owners with the tools and support required to run prosperous Kingdom businesses.


  • Mutual accountability and equipping group, of between 5 and 8 Christian business owners / leaders, meeting monthly half-day online
  • One Friday in the month per month at 12 noon – 3pm UK time / 2pm to 5pm East Africa Time

Purpose of the group

  • A Kingdom sounding board for taking critical business decisions from God’s perspective
  • Half a day per month to work on the business not in the business
  • A time of mutual sharpening and high-impact learning to discover and plan for areas in our businesses that need improvement, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another to conduct business in a God-honouring way
  • A process of sharing experiences, ideas and challenges, to support and encourage each other, and to learn and pray together
  • Peer Advisory Group ;  business leaders helping each other make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, create solid plans for growth, and thrive in their calling to create impact beyond the bottom line

Session format

  • A check-in for each member and opportunity to share any issues or critical decisions for possible advice/coaching from the rest of the group
  • A short business-relevant talk (see topics below) lead by an expert in that area, following by facilitated discussion
  • Each month, at least one member of the group will have the opportunity to share some aspect of their business in more detail, and receive coaching from the rest of the group
  • Issues will be committed to prayer by members of the group

Coaching and business skills learning

The first series of expert talks are on the following topics:

Month 1. Listening Skills

Month 2. Heron’s Intervention Styles

Month 3. The Focus of Attention / Seven Eyed Supervision

Month 4: Transactional Analysis 

Month 5: The Drama Triangle

Month 6: Drivers

Month 7: Problem Solving & Critical Thinking: The question that makes the problem go away and MECE pyramids

Month 8: Problem Solving & Critical Thinking: Inductive reasoning & Research

Month 9:  Business Strategy:  The Kingdom Business Model Canvas

Month 10: Business Strategy:  Playing to Win

Month 11: Risky Strategy: The Risk-Reward Conundrum

Month 12: Risky Strategy:  Ansoff Roulette

Code of conduct

  • Confidentiality: ”what’s in the room stays in the room” 
  • Commitment: get dates in diaries early and commit to timing – unless real emergency
  • Mutual respect and support
  • OK to be open & vulnerable 
  • Share a Christian faith – so will pray for each other and refer to the Bible

2 “contract“ options

1. Just the half day per month working together 2. The half day, plus an addition of up to 2 hours of 121 coaching from JM taken flexibly as needed across the month

Enquire about fees – determined on a case-by-case basis

At least 10% of fees earned are donated to or invested in B4T ventures in emerging markets (

To get in touch, send an email to or contact me on +44 7710 397824