“Jamie improved my self awareness and understanding of my blind spots. Increased my confidence to try alternative approaches in areas where I had been less effective. In one session Jamie was quite challenging of my effectiveness in ‘needing to keep all the plates spinning’. I left one of the later sessions feeling a bit depressed … this moment must have resonated as I have had a much better (and consistent) work life balance in the last 4 months having been more ruthless with priorities and built a team that is now stronger/bigger”.  Senior Commercial Manager in a large media company


“I had a number of coaching sessions with Jamie as part of our firm’s talent management program. I found him to be a very effective coach with an easy style. He is an excellent listener and was able to offer suggestions and challenge in addressing the areas of concern to me. I found him to be a very warm individual who took an active interest in the issues we discussed. I felt that Jamie also had a good understanding of the issues that I personally was concerned about and so was able to display a high degree of empathy”. Chief Investment Officer in a major global financial services company


“Jamie ran a strategy workshop .. had a number of business opportunities but limited resources and was therefore unable to pursue everything. It was an ideal mix, a real business meeting but with Jamie both checking behaviours and introducing us to models and business theories which helped quantify the risk vs reward for each opportunity. The meeting has without a doubt helped Executive Management  manoeuver the organistion to greater success”.  HR Director of a medium-sized pharmaceutical company


“I felt that I lacked the skills to deal, as a leadership judge, with certain personal and performance issues that needed to be resolved with judges and staff.  I hoped that the coaching offered would be helpful.  In fact, Jamie has been invaluable in enabling me to find different ways to approach the ‘difficult conversations’.  He mainly asked questions rather than stating solutions which encouraged me to think of alternative ways of approaching a topic which Jamie and I would then discuss.  After just four sessions, I feel that I am much better prepared (or, perhaps, better able to prepare) for conversations with other judges and staff about sensitive subjects and I have already put this into practice with positive effects in two recent interactions.  I thoroughly recommend Jamie as a coach who can assist the development of such management skills.”  Chamber President & Upper Tribunal Judge


“A skilful facilitator and rapporteur who focused participants on the key issues”.  Founder and MD of a national UK retailer


 “Conducted himself with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and competence and comes highly recommended”.   MD of a consumer goods manufacturer


“Demonstrated considerable skill in getting participants in the strategic discussions to identify and make trade-offs’, and as result brought focus which led to a successful business outcome”.  MD, building products company


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