Pioneers Forums on Zoom

A facilitated international virtual meeting of “pioneers”, from different disciplines & cultures, coming together monthly online for 1 hour, to share experiences, challenges and opportunities, to make connections and to support and encourage each other.

Pioneers which includes entrepreneurs, authors and organisational leaders, some of whom initially took part in my Hult Ashridge research on “Pioneering Leadership”.  

The format of the meeting is now as follows:

  • One member presents for 15 – 20 minutes on a pioneering project that they have recently been involved in, and requests the rest of the group to consider a particular challenge being faced by the project
  • Members split into break-out rooms to introduce themselves to each other, and to discuss the challenge presented
  • A representative from each group presents back to the plenary group the main ideas emerging from their discussions for general discussion
  • Result: members get to know each other better, and the presenter gains some fresh perspectives on the project presented.

The Forum has split into two subgroups:

International Pioneers Forum: facilitated by Jamie MacAlister, drawing mainly from the research group, based in UK, UAE and Uganda – meets at 11:30am (1:30pm summer; 2:30pm winter East Africa Time) on the last Wednesday of the month [except Christmas, when it is the week before Christmas]

Kingdom Business Pioneers Forum: a meeting facilitated by Jamie MacAlister and David Steinegger with a similar format, but with a Kingdom Business emphasis, working with other organisations with a similar focus: B4T (,  ICCC, and  a new emerging Kingdom  Business networking organisation,  Transformational Enterprise Networks, which  is in turn currently developing Kingdom  Enterprise Mentoring in the UK, and  small Peer Coaching and Accountability groups for business owners and leaders (Kingdom Business Pioneers).  It is primarily UK-based and supplemented by Bible-based references and prayer   – meets at 1pm (3pm summer: 4pm winter East Africa Time) on the last Tuesday of the month [except Christmas, when it is the week before Christmas]

To get in touch, send an email to or contact me on +44 7710 397824